Quad Webb blames viewers for reality TV ratchetness?

    TwitPics_Quadd_102413For those disappointed that “Married to Medicine” and other reality shows don’t offer a more positive depiction of Black women, Quad Webb said viewers could be part of the problem.

    “The viewers control the media. If you guys, the viewers, would celebrate when we are doing positive things and those ratings skyrocketed through the roof, then the producers would take heed to that and put a lot more of that out there,” Quad said on “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show.”

    “What’s happened is it’s skirted over. It’s looked passed. No one wants to focus on it,” explained Quad who said many viewers complain that shows are boring and dead when there’s no conflict or drama.

    Dr. Heavenly Kimes argued that she does a lot of positive things, but producers “only catch the negative.”

    Watch Quad and Heavenly below.

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