Todd Tucker: Kandi’s pregnant


    Todd Tucker pulled the ultimate prank on Mama Joyce this week on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding.”

    With tempers still cooling after Mama Joyce and Mother Tucker went at it, Todd decided to lighten the mood by playing a little joke on the ladies. Not long after the women were pulled to their separate corners, everyone reconvened at Kandi Burruss’ dinner table to see whether they could forgive each other and foster some peace.

    While they were slowly coming around to the idea, Todd prepared to make an announcement.

    Mama Joyce knows that Kandi and Todd have been thinking about kids for a minute, and they’re seriously considering starting a family in the near future. As Kandi’s hubby to be, Todd had a surprise sure to bring everyone together.

    “Babe, did you tell them? Did Kandi tell y’all? She’s pregnant!” Todd said in an attempt to break the tension. The announcement was followed by a long moment of silence during which Todd’s mother looked elated and Mama Joyce looked miserable. Kandi didn’t leave her family hanging too long before telling them what was really going on in the video below.

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