Tamar Braxon says reality TV saved her marriage

    Contrary to popular opinion, Tamar Braxton said doing a reality show was actually great for her marriage.

    It’s often been said that reality TV just destroys relationships, but Tamar told “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” that it actually helped to fix hers!

    “Had it not been for the show, ‘Tamar & Vince,’ I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today,” Tamar told Yolanda, adding that being able to see the problems in their relationship play out on TV helped her and hubby Vincent Herbert fix their issues. “It was a lot of things going on in our relationship that we didn’t realize until we watched it back.”

    Tamar admitted, though, that the tension in her marriage did help her create some great music for her album Love and War.

    “Those songs would have never been written,” she said. “It was therapeutic and some things had to be said. And sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you don’t know how to bring things up.”

    She also advised that couples can use her album to help improve their own relationships when it seems that they’re not seeing eye-to-eye with their sweethearts.

    “What I really wanted was to have a CD where you can put it in and it speaks for you,” Tamar explained. “Then you can spark up the conversation without it being argumentative and crazy because you ain’t getting nowhere with that.”

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