Mama Joyce damaged Kandi’s relationship with Todd’s mom

    TwitPics_ToddKandi_11614Some viewers may have been appalled watching Todd Tucker’s mom and Mama Joyce go at it on “Kandi’s Wedding,” but Todd said it was a bit of a relief for him.

    “I was happy that my mom could say things that I couldn’t say,” explained Todd who was holding back a lot of his thoughts out of respect for Kandi Burruss’ mom.

    “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans were witnesses to the drama between Kandi, her fiancé and her mom, who charged Todd with being an opportunist and a cheater. Todd defended himself as much as possible while still respecting his future mother-in-law, but Todd’s mom Sharon, took it to another level.

    “My mom and I have always had a best friend relationships,” Todd told “She is my number one.”

    While Todd has a few issues with his mother-in-law, Kandi said her relationship with Sharon was great; however, Mama Joyce may have soured that, too.

    “Things have become a little intense since the show has been on. When she saw what my mom said about her, she got really upset,” Kandi explained. “Of course, I’m the one that has to hear about it.”

    Though the tension between the mothers was no surprise, Kandi said she was shocked at how things escalated.

    “I was just praying that they didn’t actually throw blows,” said Kandi. “We wouldn’t make it through something like that.”

    Get more from Todd and Kandi at and watch a preview of Sunday’s “Kandi’s Wedding” below.

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