Nicole Murphy defends Jessica Canseco

    TwitPics_NicoleM_5814Though Jessica Canseco has made some questionable comments about the relationships between Black and White women, co-star Nicole Murphy assures fans that her “Hollywood Exes” friend is not racist.

    “She is the least racist person,” Nicole recently told “Access Hollywood.”

    On the show, Jessica sent out a text messages that rubbed her cast members the wrong way. The White reality star, who dates Black men, commented that Black and White women don’t mix. Drea Kelly and Shamicka Lawrence are two who took issue with Jessica’s remarks.

    “You gotta really sincerely apologize. That was the issue the women were having,” Nicole explained. “When she would ‘apologize,’ it wasn’t heartfelt.”

    Whether or not she’s actual racist may still be debatable, but Nicole doesn’t argue about whether the statement was ignorant.

    “She put both feet in her mouth,” Nicole said. “You gotta think about what you’re gonna say before you say it.”

    According to Nicole,” Jessica just has a hard time expressing herself at times and that’s what caused the confusion.

    “It’s a little awkward right now,” Nicole said. “It’s still sticky with some of the girls. I’ve known Jessica for years. I know she’s not racist.”

    Watch Nicole below.

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