EXCLUSIVE: Gary Owen hopes for ‘Think Like a Man 3′


    Gary Owen thinks there’s more to the Think Like a Man franchise for fans to enjoy after they see the sequel.

    It doesn’t get much better than being paid to party in Las Vegas! With Think Like a Man Too hitting theaters today, the comedian said his time working on both movies has been a breeze.

    “It doesn’t seem like work; it’s just been fun. It’s been a fun three-year run,” Gary told S2S. “Over the last three years I’ve been with these guys and it’s a whole group of friends.”

    Gary has a much bigger part for Think Like a Man Too, and overall he said the sequel is giving fans of the original even more of what they loved from Think Like a Man. He explained, “I think with this one, you have audience. You want to exceed the expectations because you’re really not looking for your audience this time around.”

    Think Like a Man Too is nearly non-stop chuckles! Once they were able catch their breath from all the laughing, fans at a screening in Washington D.C. were eager to find out if Think Like a Man 3 is in the works.

    “If it’s #1,” said Gary, prompting viewers to see the movie again and bring their friends with them!

    The production company definitely left a few cliffhangers in Think Like a Man Too, which is packed with surprising cameos. If Will Packer Productions does stretch the story into a trilogy, Gary wants it set in an exotic island location. He’d also like to see his on-screen family expand.

    “It’s still open for a three. There are still unanswered questions,” Gary explained. “You still ain’t met my kids, I ain’t met my kids.”

    While you’re waiting to see if there’s going to be a Think Like a Man 3, check out Think Like a Man Too this weekend!

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