EXCLUSIVE: No more sex tapes for Mimi Faust


    Nikko might be interested in doing a sequel to his sex tape with Mimi Faust, but she wants no parts of that plan.

    On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” this week, Mimi’s man casually tossed out the idea of doing a follow-up to Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. After all of the agony and embarrassment that she’s been through because of their sex tape leak, it’s almost needless to say that Mimi was not interested in recording another steamy scene with him.

    In fact, all video equipment was banned from their boudoir after he told Mimi that their home video had been stolen.

    When S2S caught up with Mimi and asked whether the leak caused her and Nikko to stop recording their bedroom escapades, she vehemently answered, “Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.”

    She also insisted on Instagram this week:

    Nikko may not be getting any fresh footage with Mimi, but she noted that there is the possibility that he could pull something from their old video. “There was probably more content on that tape, but there was one tape,” Mimi explained to us. “I’m not really sure what was on the tape actually.”

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