Is Quad Webb-Lunceford’s marriage in trouble?

    Bravo photoFrom the looks of it, things are a little tight in Quad Webb-Lunceford’s marriage. The “Married to Medicine” star’s husband is ready for offspring, while Quad is more focused on launching a new venture.

    Viewers have witnessed the tense conversations between the newlyweds and it didn’t help that Quad’s husband began talking about being tempted by other women; however, Quad advised fans not to get it twisted.

    The Picture Perfect Pup creator said their spats are simply a result of two people learning to compromise, adjust and be married.

    “Growing pains of being newly weds,” she tweeted. “You can wish us a Happy Anniversary next month. 2 years.”

    Quad isn’t opposed to having children, but she expressed to her husband that now is not the time, and after some frank conversation, she said he finally sees where she’s coming from.

    “My husband originally preferred that I not be so ambitions,” she wrote on her blog. “He slowly began to come around and understand why it is a personal need for me to continue as a career woman. Financial independence is imperative.”

    While now is not the time, Quad, whose husband is more than 10 years her senior, said she’s sure children are in their future.

    “In due time.We both will have our hearts desires!” she wrote.

    Quad and hubby Greg aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. Watch.

    cover_JuneJuly_marymaryGet more from Quad in the June/July issue of Sister 2 Sister.






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