Wendy Williams shades Mariah Carey for not dressing her age

    Wendy Williams

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    Wendy Williams tried her best to be nice while defending Mariah Carey’s decision to dress younger than her age, but a little shade still slipped in there.

    Supposedly, Nick Cannon has asked Mariah to start dressing her age. She’s a lady of a certain again, and Wendy pointed out that Nick isn’t the only one that wants Mariah to grow up. “Mariah is 44, struggling at youth; struggling to stay relevant,” Wendy told her audience this week. “She been ridiculed before for dressing inappropriate. Not some days, but all the time.”

    Although Mariah has oodles of music awards and accolades to her name, Wendy thinks Mariah might need to start accepting that she’s no longer 20-something. “I think it’s corny to lie about your age these days, you know what I’m saying. It’s not about trying to be 25, it’s about looking the best that you can, Mariah,” she said.

    The dishy diva believes that Mariah might be better served by maturing a bit in her look and her sound because younger music lovers probably aren’t checking for her. “Here’s a problem with a lot of the older girls that are making music: music is being purchased by younger people,” said Wendy. “They’re not buying an old girl trying to make young music. Mariah is younger than me, but I’m still calling her an old girl.”

    Wendy continued, advising, “She and some of the older girls really need to stop making music and just take their act to Vegas.”

    The chat host still had a lot of sympathy for Mariah. “I couldn’t bear having that conversation with anyone but my own husband, and my feelings would be hurt,” Wendy admitted. How do you have that conversation with her? Do you have in her face, or do you have it on the phone miles away, so she can’t throw a shoe at you?”

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