Katt Williams pulls gun at comedy club


    Katt Williams has found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly pulling out a gun during an outing Tuesday night.

    According to TMZ.com, things got heated as Katt pulled his gun on a heckler during an appearance at The Comedy Store. The comedian wasn’t performing on stage when the incident occurred, but he was mingling with the crowd at the time.

    Someone started cracking jokes about Katt’s height and race, and the funnyman flipped out! Katt reportedly drew a gun on his critic and threatened to kill the heckler.

    The altercation prompted a witness to call police, and cops showed up to the scene in West Hollywood with guns drawn. In all, six cop cars came out to handle the situation with shotguns and beanbag guns. K-9 units and a helicopter also responded to the call.

    Authorities arrived a little too late, however, as Katt had already left the Comedy Store by the time cops made it to the scene. The comedian has not spoken out on the situation at this time.

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