Keke Palmer spazzes out on ‘Just Keke’ premiere


    Keke Palmer forgot where she was and what she was doing when Michael Ealy surprised her on the set of “Just Keke.”

    The starlet is usually the picture of composure in any situation, but on the premiere of “Just Keke” Monday, all of her cool flew out of the window. On top of the excitement from debuting her own talk show, her #1 celebrity crush came out with a beautiful bouquet for her!

    “Yo, when Michael Ealy came and surprised me, I literally had a heart attack a little bit, and then woke back up and revived myself,” KeKe exclaimed backstage during a break in filming. “I cannot express the way that I felt.”

    Keke continued, “When I saw him, I literally just fell out.

    The actress was so surprised to see the Think Like a Man Too heartthrob that she jumped on top of an audience member! When she was finally able to calm down, though, she had a special message just for him.

    “Michael, I know I’ve said this already, but I need for you to know that I’m grown now,” said Keke. “If anything goes wrong with you and your wife–which I hope it doesn’t–know that you’ve got your girl here!”

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