Kevin Hart blasts fan over girlfriend Eniko Parrish


    Kevin Hart snapped on one of his fans for implying that Eniko Parrish wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a celebrity.

    The Think Like a Man star has often called the model his rib, and some people don’t believe that she would be so dedicated if he were still working low-paying jobs. This week he had to address a fan who got out of line by indirectly accusing her of being a gold digger who is only with him for his money.

    “Would she be your rib if you worked at Wal-Mart?” One follower who goes by the handle atldiva65 questioned. “I love you Kevin, but I’m just saying! Your rib is that [woman] that’s there when you have nothing to offer but yourself.”

    Instead of laughing it off, the funny man immediately went on the defensive. He fired back at his fan that his success has nothing to do with what Eniko means to him.

    “Well, @atldiva65 we will never no know the answer to that because I don’t work at Walmart,” the comedian replied. “Even more important who are you to define what the definition of RIB is to me?”

    Then he went on to give his definition of what a rib is to him. “The meaning of RIB to me is a woman that I can’t live without because of the pain that it would cause if she was gone,” Kevin continued. “If I took ur RIB out you would be in a bunch of pain regardless of what you did in life.”

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