Brandi Maxiell optimistic about ‘BBWLA’ return

    BrandiMaxiellBrandi Maxiell admits she offered some cringe-worthy moments during her first season of “Basketball Wives: LA,” but she’s not blaming anyone for how she was portrayed on the show.

    “They didn’t do a bad job,” she said about the series’ producers. “They can’t do a bad job because that’s how I am.”

    Brandi, who is fully expecting to return for another season, said she hopes that viewers will get to learn more about her life in the future.

    “I think the world needs to see that side, not just of me, but just the positive side,” she told. “I’m a woman. I love to empower other women. I love to support other women. That’s my goal.”

    During season 3 of the show, “BBWLA” fans learned that the wife and mother is an ovarian cancer survivor. Brandi said sharing her story and encouraging other women in similar situations was a main priority for her.

    While a greater emphasis on Brandi’s business and personal life, some might assume she’s concerned about the mythical reality TV curse. However, Brandi said she’s not worried about the show affecting her marriage.

    “I don’t believe in that,” she said. “I believe that if anything happens in anybody’s relationship, it didn’t happen on camera. It happened off camera in the privacy of your own closed doors. Me and my marriage, we’re great.”

    Her relationship with her husband is seemingly fine, but Brandi still hasn’t reconciled with co-star Sundy Carter with whom she nearly came to blows.

    “I don’t have a relationship with anybody on the show except Malaysia [Pargo] and Draya [Michele],” explained Brandi who described her overseas argument with Sundy an “embarrassing moment.”

    Though VH1 hasn’t officially picked up another season of the hit show, Brandi’s confident that more “BBWLA” is on the way.

    “I’ll definitely be back. I know I’ll be back. It will be good,” she said.

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