Trey Songz explains why he’s not ready for love

    Trey SongzOn Tuesday, Trey Songz released his sixth album. Yes, that’s right, sixth album! Where did the time go?

    The musical heartthrob has been singing his way into fans’ hearts all over the world since the album, I Gotta Make It, dropped in 2005. His new album is titled, Trigga.

    “It felt very, uh, seasoned [laughs]. But I’m excited about it. I think it’s my best album,” he told Vibe in an interview.

    Trey discusses how different the hustle is now compared to when he first was coming into the industry.

    “You know, the creative process then was for you to get the world to listen to you… Back then, you’re making music out of necessity; you’re doing it because you’re really trying to get on. Right now, it’s being on and having time to myself and having been made five albums, and between the fifth and sixth being able to really live a little – which I never really got to do in between albums. With this album, Trigga, I was my own boss more-so than ever, and I was never that in the beginning,” says the 29-year-old.

    Trey confirms that Trigga is the most truthful album thus far.

    “When I tell people that this album is the most honest album, it’s the album that speaks to what’s happening in my life right now, while I was making the music,” he said. “The thing about being an R&B singer is, people want you to be in love. People want you to sing about love, and of course we need more songs about love. But that ain’t my truth right now. I’m not in love. I don’t have a girlfriend; I ain’t even really looking for one right now, you know? That’s definitely showcased in the music.”

    Trey explained why he is not currently in the position to actually love anyone.

    According to Trey, “I know that I’m in the club; I know that I’m living a fast life. That’s just where I am right now… But I ain’t really in the position to love nobody right now because I’m so focused, first of all, on making sure that I become a legend. And the true thing about love is, once you commit yourself to love — if you’re gonna do it all the way — you gotta be able to give yourself and be responsible for another’s feelings and emotions. And I don’t have time for that right now.”

    As women, we can all respect his honesty and understand where he is coming from. Right?

    Get more from Trey at Vibe.

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