Nick Cannon hints at taking Richard Pryor role

    TuneIn_NickCannon_042511.jpgLately, Nick Cannon has been dropping major hints that he’s prepping to take on the role of comedian Richard Pryor in the upcoming biopic.

    In addition to changing his appearance, Nick has posted suggestive photos on his account. Recently he posted a picture of Richard Pryor smoking a cigarette with the caption: “Picking up smoking cigarettes for the next few months so forgive me if I smell like an ashtray.”

    While Nick may have faith in his abilities to pull off the role, Richard’s family is reportedly opposed to the Drumline taking on the challenge.

    According to TMZ, Richard’s relatives prefer that “Funniest Wins” host Marlon Wayans Richard’s shoes.

    “Apparently, the deal is not a sure thing yet, but Nick will be ready if that time comes.

    “If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be the best man for the job,” he told The Huffington Post.

    Nick won’t have to take any drastic steps to prepare for playing a father. His twins Morrocan and Monroe have already trained him for that part of Richard’s story.

    “I grew up around a lot of kids so I love kids; I always wanted a bunch of children of my own,” he said.

    Even though Mariah, at one point, never thought of having children, Nick thinks it’s cool that he brought that side of her out.

    He’s seen his wife morph into a great mother, and Nick is also taking joy in seeing his twins’ bond strengthen.

    “I just sit back and watch them and it’s cool. They have each other. It’s like a built in playmate. I watch them learn from each other, watching them become the best of friends is amazing,” he said.

    Nick talks about playing Pryor.

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