Sherri doesn’t want custody of surrogate baby?

    LamarSally_SherriShepherdSherri Shepherd has no intention of financially supporting a child who’s not biologically hers; although, she and her estranged husband went through the surrogacy process together.

    Sherri, who is reportedly unable to carry another child, had a surrogate impregnated with her husband’s sperm. However, Sherri’s biological matter was not part of the insemination.

    Now that Lamar Sally and Sherri are on the verge of divorce, the former “The View” co-host said she does not want custody of the child, nor does she plan on supporting Sal and the baby, according to TMZ.

    Since Sal filed for divorce, Sherri is questioning is motives and wondering if his desire to have a child was all part of a fraud scheme, anonymous sources told TMZ.

    “Sherri is disgusted by Lamar’s demands for custody of their unborn child. He is trying to leverage a surrogate child for a paycheck,” a source told “It’s pathetic.”

    Seemingly, custody isn’t a real point of contention for the former couple, as Sal has asked for full custody of the boy, who is due some time this month.

    However, in some states, Sherri would be responsible for providing child support for the baby who is not biologically her own. That’s supposedly one explanation for why Sherri filed for divorce in New Jersey, while Sal did so in California. The northern state doesn’t recognize surrogacy agreements.

    Sherri, who opted not to renew her contract with “The View,” already has one special needs son who her ex, Jeffery, claims she often neglects. However, some suggest Sherri works so hard, spending time away from the home because Sal does not have a job.

    “Lamar doesn’t have any source of income and he’s only going to want Sherri to pay him out for years,”’s source said. “She was tired of him freeloading off of her and she certainly doesn’t want to pay for him now!”

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