Trina Braxton puts Tamar Braxton in check

    TwitPics_TamarTrina_050312.jpgTrina Braxton called out her younger sister Tamar Braxton on how she often dishes out criticism, but doesn’t seem to be able to accept it.

    “You can’t say, ‘Oh, okay. I thought I was giving this unsolicited advice’ and think that it’s some kind of therapeutic thing because if someone says the same thing to you, it’s like, ‘You tried it. No, you didn’t. Who you talking to?’” explained Trina.

    Fans of “Braxton Family Values” witnessed Tamar working her sisters’ nerves as she often offered commentary on their marriages, careers, figures, attire and more.

    “I was outspoken and I thought that because they were my sisters, it was cool for me to give my unsolicited advice and opinions on their life and what’s going on with them,” explained Tamar.

    However, Trina reminded Tamar that if she doesn’t appreciated unsolicited advice, it’s likely her sisters don’t either.

    Tamar said she meant her remarks to be beneficial to her siblings, but she soon realized they weren’t. “Watching the show and seeing my sisters’ reactions, I didn’t like it, only because I found that the things that I was saying to them was not helpful to them,” she said.

    Sister Towanda Braxton has been one of the toughest on baby sister Tamar and blames the youngest Braxton’s behavior on being spoiled.

    “I ain’t never been no brat…I don’t feel like I was a brat,” Tamar said to a live audience who seemingly disagreed.



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