Lil Mama gets emotional on ‘Just Keke’


    Emotions ran high as Lil Mama sat down for a round of girl talk with Keke Palmer on “Just Keke”!

    The CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story biopic co-stars reunited for a chat on KeKe’s talk show yesterday, and the interview was more like a conversation between old friends. During the discussion, Keke reflected on the beginning of Lil Mama’s career, which coincided with her mother’s death from cancer.

    “I always refer to it as being like the highest point in my life and the lowest point in my life. It’s like, you don’t ever wanna lose a parent, you’re never thinking about that,” Lil Mama said. The rapper recalls that she actually had to come off a tour with Chris Brown and Bow Wow to look after her mom.

    “I felt like amazing, but at the same time it was difficult because it was pressure to finish the album; it was pressure to be always on,” she told Keke. “You know, that whole time I’m thinking about my mother’s health. I’m thinking about is she happy?”

    Lil Mama also recalled how her mother inspired the visual to her breakout single “Lip Gloss.”

    “Yeah, it’s funny you say that because when I look back at that video. Now, it’s like I don’t wanna cry,” Lil Mama said, while pausing to take a break to compose herself. That moment to take a deep breath didn’t keep the tears from flowing. “I’m always crying; I’m a crier. When she says, “Mama it wasn’t the lip gloss, it was you all along,” it really inspires me to just keep going no matter what.”

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