Sheree Fletcher fulfilled by God’s purpose

    TwitPics_ShereeFletcher_62614On the season finale of “Hollywood Exes,” Sheree Fletcher announced to her pastor hubby that she would no longer be leading the women’s ministry for their congregation, despite her concerns that he’d be disappointed.

    Sheree told Sister 2 Sister that it’s important to find your life’s purpose and pursue it, even if it may ruffle some feathers.

    “One of things that I know I’m not going to do: I’m not going to live my life to make everyone else happy because that’s a dead end. You can’t do that. That’s an impossible venture. It’s going to lead to my demise and my unhappiness and I’m just not willing to do that,” said Sheree who encourages others to seek the path God has for their lives.

    “Everybody is here for a reason. God does things with a purpose on purpose and for a purpose,” she said.

    While some people look to material things and wealth to make them happy, Sheree said that is not what brings real joy to one’s life.

    “People always say, ‘I’m looking for happiness,’ but happiness is not going to sustain me. It’s not going to anchor me. We want to be fulfilled,” she said. “Fulfillment for me only comes from you tapping into what you here to do. When you are working in purpose and walking in your calling, then there is fulfillment; there is peace; there is a joy that comes.”

    Sheree’s husband seemed to accept her decision to step down from their church’s women’s ministry to pursue other goals, and she said sometimes stepping out of that comfort zone is necessary to find your purpose.

    “More people want to be more comfortable than anything. We can be addicted to our comfort where we don’t want to feel pain. We don’t want to take a risk,” she said. “Step out of your comfort zone.”

    Sheree has a heart-to-heart discussion with her husband. Watch.

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