Tamar Braxton changed since concert collapse


    Tamar Braxton said her life has been forever changed after she nearly passed out during a show in Las Vegas.

    The “Braxton Family Values” cast member said that the terrifying experience shook her to her core. It reminded her that although she’s privy to a few perks in life, the thing that really matters is how her Tamartians have touched her life.

    “It didn’t only impact me as a singer, but also as a person. It changed me a little bit because people look at being a celebrity as entitlement,” Tamar told HelloBeautiful.com. “You’re entitled to have nominations, to get into a party or whatever. When that happened in Vegas, I was humbled because not one person left.”

    Tamar’s fans think the episode was due to her grueling schedule. Tamar has three TV shows, and she’s working on new material while trying to balance the demands of motherhood and marriage. That’s a lot for anyone, but Tamar insists that she can handle it. What she can’t handle is smoke!

    “It had nothing to do with the workload. It had everything to do with the smoke. I can’t even go to hookah bars with my friends,” Tamar explained. “The House of Blues had their smoke machine on, all day long. By the time I got to my 8-count honey, it was in my lungs and I was done.”

    After a lengthy break in her set, Tamar was back on stage. The singer hasn’t let the incident sideline her hustle! Between shows on her Love and War Tour, Tamar has been tinkering with some new music. “I’m definitely working on my next album,” she said. “I think it’s the next level to Love and War, with the way the songs are shaping up.”

    Tamar kept it completely real on Love and War, which was all about the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband Vincent Herbert. Since the arrival of their new son Logan, Tamar’s got plenty of new material.

    “Where Vince and I are in our relationship, things are different now. It’s a new place,” Tamar shared. “We’re new parents and that takes your relationship somewhere else and no one told me that. We’re figuring things out and this album is juicy, honey!”

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