Apollo Nida’s probation terms revealed


    Apollo Nida is going to have to stay on the straight-and-narrow once his prison sentence is up, and there is no room for error.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband has been given some strict guidelines to live by once his 8-year term in lockup is over, according to TheJasmineBrand.com.

    Court documents state that Apollo will have to complete 100 hours of community service and stop associating with convicted felons. This means that he’s not allowed to visit any venue where drugs or alcohol are illegally sold; neither will he able to have a gun or any other weapon. In addition to that, a judge has ruled that Apollo will be going through a drug and alcohol treatment program that he’s got to pay for out of his own pockets.

    Authorities will also be keeping a very close eye on Apollo’s assets! Not only is Apollo required to support his family, but he’ll need to pay out $150 per month in restitution. Furthermore, Apollo is required to fully disclose his finances and submit to random audits. Officers will be searching his home and property at random as well.

    Apollo might also want to look into learning a trade like Wendy Williams suggested because he’s going to need to live on cash. According to the terms of his probation, Apollo is not allowed to obtain any new credit cards or secure any new loans or lines of credit without his probation officer’s permission.

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