Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq face-off at ‘Married To Medicine’ reunion

    Simone vs. Toya

    Things get even more heated up at the Shady Grove table when Toya Bush-Harris and Simone Whitmore had a few choice words for each other.

    Toya wasn’t really too thrilled about Simone getting too frisky with her husband during this season at the bowling alley. Simone was dancing a little too close on Toya’s husband which set Toya off, and left Simone confused as to why Toya never mentioned how upset she was to her.

    “She shouldn’t have felt disrespected. I was just being silly, she should’ve came to me and told me since we’re friends.” But Toya was quick to let it be known they weren’t that close, and proves it when Simone can’t recite her phone number or street address.

    Just as soon as we think things can’t get any more messier than that, the drama continues backstage where things escalate from there.

    Simone expressed to Toya that she’s glad she knows the truth now, stating, “I thought it was something real, but I appreciate you for letting me know honey!” Simone wasn’t done, she then referred to Toya as raggedy and broke. “Aren’t you leasing houses and leasing cars?” she accused. “What are you trying to prove something?”

    Toya wasn’t putting up with the disrespect, and she began going off in Simone’s dressing room to where a backstage fight breaks out between the two women.

    We don’t have to wait very long to see what happened next because the drama continues at the Shady Grove with part 2 of the “Married to Medicine” reunion this Thursday on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST.

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