Dr. Simone Whitmore: ‘I am not going to fight’

    Simone Whitmore, Married to MedicineDr. Simone Whitmore was forced to face some harsh facts during Part 1 of the “Married to Medicine” reunion, and now that she knows how Toya Bush-Harris really feels about their friendship, the OBGYN is done with their relationship.

    “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know where we stand today,” Simone wrote about their damaged friendship. During the reunion show, the topic of Simone dancing with Toya’s husband emerged again. While viewers may have thought the issue was resolved, it quickly became clear that things weren’t completely settled.

    “I apologized to Toya at the WEN conference for my actions that left her feeling disrespected. She never understood the part that I was also hurt with the situation because she brought it up at Heavenly’s party instead of calling me or driving by my house,” Simone explained again. “I thought Toya and I were building a real friendship.”

    Unfortunately, Toya didn’t quite agree with Simone about their friendship, and she seemingly dismissed the idea that their relationship deserved a one-on-one conversation about the incident.

    During a cast break, things between the women became more heated, and their verbal disagreement nearly became a physical one. However, Simone assured fans that she would not resort to violence.

    “I never though with accomplished, educated women there would be physical violence. I knew we would have multiple disagreements because this is what happens when strong minds and opinions get together,” she wrote. “I expected debates and disagreements but PHYSICAL VIOLENCE???”

    Simone pointed out that violence isn’t anything new for Toya who ended up in a bout with Mariah Huq in season 1 of the show.

    “When Toya had her fight last year with Mariah, I chalked it up to an aberration, which was caused by something personal. I was embarrassed for our show,” she said. “This year, I was very disappointed when Quad [Webb], Heavenly [Kimes] and Toya talked about kicking my ass for petty reasons.”

    Unlike Toya, Simone wrote that she hasn’t been in a physical altercation since middle school, and she hopes to avoid any violence while on the show.

    “I can not see myself fighting or hanging with women who like to fight,” wrote Simone who described Toya’s actions as an attack.

    “I realized that Toya can’t handle verbal jabs and her only retaliation is to fight. So her fight last year and an attempt to fight this year might be her norm,” Simone reasoned who has come up with one way to avoid escalating arguments with her co-star. “So Toya ‘Hitman Hearns’ don’t worry about me trying to be her friend ever again because I am not going to fight!!!”

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    Get a preview of Part 2, airing Thursday.

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