Larenz Tate: ‘I always change things up’

    Larenz Tate RushLarenz Tate has successfully avoided being typecast into playing one sort of character in Hollywood. He’s played everything from a rock star in Why Do Fools Fall In Love to a teenage virgin in Inkwell to a lovesick poet in Love Jones, and he’s taking on a new role in USA’s “Rush.”

    “I’ve never played a doctor. For instance, Alex is someone that people have not seen me do,” he told Sister 2 Sister about his character on the show. “TV gives me those opportunities to be able to really showcase myself as a family man as a doctor, a really responsible adult. I’m really to do real adult stuff. That’s what I’m able to do on this show with ‘Rush.’”

    Many fans remember Larenz as a teenage actor on shows like “Family Matters” and “South Central,” and he’s seemingly transitioned from child star to adult actor with ease.

    “I attribute that to my mother and father,” he said. “My mother and father really were involved with my life. They always kept their hands involved in my personal life. I’m very thankful for that.”

    Though Larenz and his “Rush” character are both family men, he said the role is still a challenge for him, and that’s something he looks for when signing onto a project.

    “I didn’t think that repeating the same kinds of characters posed a challenge,” Larenz said about his diverse body of work. “That’s why I always change things up. People thought that I did Inkwell first. I did Menace II Society first. It made no sense for me to go do 10 other movies that had that kind of character in it. I thought each of those were one-of-a-kind. That’s how I gauge my decisions on doing projects. Does this pose a challenge? Can I do something different? Can I stretch a little bit? How can I give the audience something a little different?”

    “Rush” premiers Thursday and co-stars Larenz as the best friend of a doctor whose clientele is made up of celebrities, who prefer to keep their medical issues out of the news.

    “The show is about a medical fixer, a private doctor to the elite folk in Los Angeles…the movers and shakers, executives in Hollywood, entertainers, athletes… He’s the go-to person when they don’t want to go to a hospital or have any of their medical records out there in public,” Larenz explained. “Rush is a great doctor, but he’s a party guy.”

    Though the show’s main characters are doctors, Larenz wouldn’t describe “Rush” as strictly a medical drama. “It’s more about their lives outside of being doctors,” said Larenz. “It definitely has the drama, humor. It has some heart and it’s fast-paced.”

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