Olivia Longott finally being completely herself

    Olivia LongottOlivia Longott, known for being the First Lady of G-Unit, is back, not only with a solo album, but with a tell-all book, too.

    “Love & Hip Hop: New York” fans learned that the singer is a really private person who always found it hard to open up. Well, she seemingly conquered that fear and is telling it all in her new book: Release Me: My Life, My Words.

    “I took this opportunity to write this book so I could get some stuff out and people can get to know a little bit more about me,” Olivia told GlobalGrind.com.

    In her book, Olivia brings readers into her world. She touches on personal issues, G-Unit, and the ill feelings she had towards Wendy Williams.

    Olivia makes it very clear that she doesn’t care too much for the reigning Queen of Chat, and would never sit down nor reach out to Wendy. According to Olivia, around the time that she was dropped from G-Unit’s record label, Wendy went on air and made speculations that didn’t sit right with Olivia.

    “She’s a hater. You’re speaking on someone you don’t even know when it’s not true!” said Olivia who also talked about separating herself from her musical comrades. G-Unit was a big part of Olivia’s life, and when G-Unit all reunited for radio station HOT 97 Summer Jam, Olivia was no where in sight.

    “I really just want to do this whole solo thing,” she said. “It was a great era when I was a part of G-Unit but I really just want to focus on Olivia.”

    Throughout, Olivia’s career there have been many ups and downs. Going solo isn’t always easy, and fans got a glimpse of that when watching Olivia on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

    During her journey through the industry she has always felt that she never was able to have a shot to just be Olivia Longott.

    But, that wait is over now with Olivia’s solo album Right One for You complete and new music on the way. She definitely feels life is good and she can be completely herself.

    Olivia talks about collaborating with Estelle, Luke James, Wale, and many more on this album. Watch it below.

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