Tatyana Ali jerks tears in ‘Comeback Dad’

    Comeback_Dad_TatyanaAli_CharlesDuttonComeback Dad is a family drama that sucks you in quickly and activates your tear ducts. Charles Dutton stars as Othell Babineaux, a recovering alcoholic trying to put his life back together. At the top of his list is to get his estranged daughter Nima Babineaux, played beautifully by Tatyana Ali, to talk to him again. To achieve this he goes through her handsome and successful fiancé, played by Brad James.

    This tearjerker is very timely as it deals with the emotional damage that children of absentee fathers often live with. There are several scenes that will make viewers reflect on a family they know, but Loretta Devine gives a powerful performance, as Othell’s disappointed sister, that drives home the impact that Othell has had on his entire family and the importance of forgiveness. Charles is perfectly pathetic, while Tatyana gives a surprising dramatic performance.

    What’s unique about Comeback Dad is that it is told from the fresh perspective of the father, not the mother. The screenplay was written by newcomer Kimberly Walker, who says that she wrote the movie “with the intention of humanizing absentee fathers to help evoke a spirit of forgiveness within this broken relationship.” She named the lead character after her own father and admits that she usually writes comedy and surprised herself with this emotional story.

    Catch the second run of Comeback Dad on Saturday, July 19 on Up TV.

    Watch the cast of Comeback Dad talk about their experience making the film.

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