Dr. Simone: ‘I felt physically threatened’

    Simone_WhitmoreDr. Simone Whitmore admits she talks a lot of mess, but she expects her “Married to Medicine” co-stars to accept verbal tongue-lashings the same way they give them.

    “If you’re going to volunteer to be on reality TV, you have to understand everything that comes with it. There is some good and there is some bad,” Simone told Sister 2 Sister. “I’m a $#!t-talker. Not many can handle it, I’m finding out.”

    During Part 1 of the season 2 reunion, tensions ran high between Simone and former friend Toya Bush-Harris and it seemed a physical altercation might ensue. However, Simone clarified that she was not fighting mad, though it seemed Toya might have been.

    “I felt that if there were not people in the room, that she would have hit me, had she had the opportunity,” Simone said. “I felt physically threatened.”

    Both women were held back while Quad Webb-Lunceford helped pull Toya from Simone’s dressing room.

    The catalyst for the action was the resurrected topic of Simone’s dancing with Toya’s husband. The stay-at-home mom found it inappropriate. Though Simone apologized after hearing Toya’s concerns, the doctor expressed that she would have preferred Toya broach the subject soon after it happened, one on one. To that, Toya responded that their relationship didn’t warrant that type of attention.

    “I felt that Toya and I were building a friendship off-camera. So, to see her deny that those efforts had been made in the past, it was disappointing,” said Simone.

    It was after that revelation that the two women found themselves arguing backstage. Toya attempted to walk away from the chaos, since Simone’s son was in the room, but before disparaging Simone’s mothering.

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    “Let me say this: I do not start anything with anyone. I believe that there is a wife or two on my show who thought they could attack the doctors, say whatever they wanted to the doctors and there would be no recourse. Unfortunately, somebody picked the wrong doctor to go after. I am not the one,” Simone clarified. “If you come for me, you’re going to get exactly what it is you deserve. Toya could not have thought with any brain cell in her head that when she said, ‘You’re a bad mother,’ that’s going to be the last word heard.”

    After having her mothering called into question, Simone responded by calling Toya “raggedy” and “broke.” However, she was still unprepared for Toya’s response.

    “I can tell you that having filmed to years of reality TV, I hear and see a lot of things that I disapprove of. None of them would make me want to hit somebody. None of them,” said Simone who needs some assurances from Bravo before deciding whether to return if there’s a season 3.

    “If producers cannot assure me that the environment is safe for my $#!t talking—which I love to do—if they can’t assure me that I’m going to be safe, I will have to second-guess my signing up for reality TV,” she said.

    Part 2 of the reunion airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo. Get a preview.

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