Shonda Rhimes talks ‘Scandal’ season 4


    Shonda Rhimes is going to confuse Gladiators when season 4 of “Scandal” premieres in September.

    Season 3 of the hit ABC drama ended with Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard taking off for God knows where as she rejected a call from her main boo President Fitzgerald Grant. Meanwhile Huck had finally found out where his real family is after he’d hooked up with Quinn.

    Viewers want to know where Olivia and Jake were heading, and they’re curious about Huck’s reunion. Fans may not be getting any direct answers right away, though. The series creator told that when the show returns this fall, those tuning in will be a bit disoriented.

    “When we come back into the season, we find ourselves is a surprising place both time-wise and location-wise,” said Shonda. Supposedly, season 4 will kick off in very unexpected ways for the entire cast because the story lines haven’t moved forward in a way that anyone could have possibly envisioned. “There’s a real sense of, ‘How did everybody get here?!'”

    Shonda wasn’t giving up too many details just yet, and that includes any hints about what’s happening in Olivia’s love triangle with Jake and Fitz.

    “I always think about the finale when she says to [Jake] very clearly, “‘I am in love with another man.’ And he says, ‘Let’s go anyway.’ He goes off with her knowing full well that she’s very clear about her feelings for somebody else,” Shonda recapped. “Whatever that relationship is, as fun or romantic or happy as that will be, she’s very clearly in love with another man. I don’t know what that holds for them.”

    Back in D.C., Fitz might be focusing more on his wife because he feels directly at fault for the devastating loss of their oldest son. He may also be grappling with some of his own conflicted feelings about his relationship with Olivia.

    “You have to remember that everything that happens now takes place [after] the death of their child,” said Shonda. “As far as he knows, Olivia’s mother was responsible for the death of their child, and that basically, in a weird way, he is at fault for the death of their child. If he had not been involved with Olivia, none of that would’ve happened.”

    Things are not as complicated with Columbus Short’s character Harrison. He’s dead. The writers probably needed to leave Columbus in an uncertain place at the end of season 3 because all of his legal troubles this year left his status on the cast in limbo.

    When Harrison found himself with a gun in the face as he confronted Papa Pope, fans questioned if he made it out alive. Shonda laid aside any doubt about his fate, stating, “It’s safe to assume that Harrison has met his end.”

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