LaLa Anthony ready for another baby?

    LaLa AnthonyLaLa Anthony seems to have it all, and the mother and reality TV star may be adding more to her long list of responsibilities.

    Kiyan, La La and Carmelo Anthony’s 7-year-old son, has been asking about a sibling. LaLa has been listening.

    “If I did have another child, the reason would be that I wouldn’t want my son to be alone in the world as an only child. But we’ll see,” she recently told Latina.

    LaLa, who considers her mom her best friend and relies on her for advice, hopes her relationship with her son is exactly the same way one day.

    “I hope I am my son’s best friend, and I want him to feel like he can come talk to me about anything — good or bad, because that’s what I used to do with my mom. If they can’t talk to you, that’s when they go to outside influences and they might make wrong choices,” the 35-year-old mom said.

    In addition to mothering, being a wife and starring on “LaLa’s Full Court Life,” LaLa is also the force behind 5th and Mercer.

    “I know what works on Latinas, Black women and curvy women,” said the designer. “It’s great that a website like ShopBop that isn’t used to having that kind of consumer — they’re used to stopping at a six or an eight — to push them to go up to a fourteen and understand our kind of woman.”

    Unlike some businesswomen, LaLa said being at the top of the charts isn’t how she measures her success. The author of The Love Playbook said she’s content to know that her products affect people in a positive way.

    “Almost every day I get handfuls of people coming up to me and telling me, ‘Your book changed my life. You gave me confidence to leave an abusive relationship and believe in myself.’ To me that’s the true success, not necessarily being number one,” she said.

    Latina and The Love Playbook are on stands now!


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