Tamela Mann approaching her weight-loss goals

    David Mann, Tamela Mann, Meet the MannsThere are a lot of celebrities trying to get fit and healthy today. Fans have seen Jennifer Hudson, Sherri Shepherd, Mo’Nique, Chaka Kahn, Jill Scott, and many other stars lose tremendous weight, but they definitely look healthier and still beautiful as ever!

    The amazing Grammy nominated vocalist, Tamela Mann has been shedding her weight as well. She tells “Tom Joyner Morning Show” that she has lost more than 100 lbs.

    “I use to be a 30/32 and now I’m down to an 18/20,” she said.

    Tamela has given so many clothes away to people she knows and don’t know, and she is still working out to get to where she wants to be. “I just want to walk into any shop and find something. My goal is to reach a 14.”

    When asked if her husband, David Mann, is all over her now, because of the weight loss,” she said, “He’s been all over me! That’s the greatest thing. He loves me at my heaviest and he loves me at my smallest.”

    Many know David, well-known for his character as Mr. Brown, was diagnosed with diabetes. Tamela and David have been working out together for the better.

    Not only are they exercising together, but they are in the process of taping their new reality show called, “Meet the Manns” as well.

    “Meet the Manns” will star Tamela and David, their seven children and eight grandchildren. “We want to encourage people, because we are a super blended family,” she said.

    Listen to the full interview below.

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