Deborah Cox sings Whitney Houston music for Lifetime biopic

    Whitney Houston

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    Deborah Cox has signed on to be Whitney Houston’s singing voice in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic about the diva.

    Fans have already gotten a glimpse of who will be playing Whitney, but the film will focus on her life and her marriage to Bobby Brown. Of course her unforgettable singles will be featured, but it looks like it won’t be Whitney’s voice we will be hearing.

    Deborah Cox, who is known for “How Did You Get Here,” has been chosen to sing the songs for Whitney’s biopic. As things for this film are still developing, the Houston family isn’t too thrilled about the film and how it will portray her. They want nothing to do with it, and the Houstons have denied Lifetime permission to use Whitney’s music.

    With all the difficulty of getting music rights worked out, Lifetime found another way and Deborah Cox will be providing the voice. Audio of Deborah on TMZ had the Internet buzzing as she covered Whitney’s song “I Will Always Love You.”

    It’s already hard enough for anyone to sound like the diva herself, but Deborah might just pull it off because this isn’t anything new for her. Back in 2000, Deborah teamed up with Whitney herself, and they had a duet called “Same Script, Different Cast,” where their voices basically sounded the exact same on the track.

    Yaya DaCosta of “America’s Next Top Model” will be playing Whitney and Arlen Escarpeta, who has appeared in Star Trek and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” will be playing her ex-husband Bobby. After pictures of them posing as the couple began to circulate, no one is asking any further question if they will look the part. Whitney’s biopic is still set to air on Lifetime in 2015.

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