Zendaya comments on Aaliyah biopic re-casting


    Zendaya doesn’t have any hard feelings towards the new girl that’s been cast in Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic.

    The production, tentatively titled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, is still going strong with the replacement of Nickelodeon’s actress Alexandra Shipp after Zendaya quit the role.

    Once Wendy Williams announced who her replacement was going to be, people were still speculating the reason why she dropped out of the movie. Zendaya didn’t hesitate to clear the air. Zendaya posted Instagram video clips, explaining the reasons why she in no longer a part of this film. She stated, “The reason why I chose not to do the Aaliyah movie had absolutely nothing to do with the haters.”

    After it was announced that Zendaya would be playing the great Aayliah a lot of people had negative things to say. From saying she wasn’t a good pick or not talented enough to being “not Black enough.” Zendaya made it very clear that that wasn’t the case.

    She explained that she felt it wasn’t handled delicately considering the situation, and that she’d tried reaching out to Aayliah’s family. When she didn’t get a response she didn’t feel morarly okay to move on with the project.

    With clearing the air and sharing her reasons to why she had to let that project go, she also congratulated the new leading lady Alexandra Shipp, and wishes nothing but the best for her and hoping she doesn’t have to go through what she went through.

    The Lifetime Aaliyah biopic will resume production this summer, and it’s slated for release sometime in the fall now that Wendy has signed to be an executive producer for the film.

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