Apollo Nida: ‘I wanna stay prayed up, stay spiritual’

    Apollo_NidaIt’s no secret that when things get tough, many people find themselves turning to religion and Apollo Nida is no different.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband, who has been sentenced to eight years behind bars for his involvement in an identity theft scheme, said he lost his way after leaving jail the first time, but won’t let that happen again.

    “I was captivated by a lot of things. I had definitely fallen off my spirituality a lot,” Apollo told STFU radio. “When I came home for those six years, I lost myself, who I was as a person.”

    Quoting scripture, Apollo said he’s planning to make a change once his sentence begins, and that includes returning to his spiritual foundation.

    “Once you forgive yourself, then let it go. He said He’d make that enemy your footstool,” he said, referencing the book of Luke. “I’m supposed to go in there, recreate myself the way that I did the first time, but this time don’t lose myself. Stay true to myself.”

    Though he may have lost some friends, and is still “salty” that wife Phaedra Parks hasn’t been there for him as much as he would like, Apollo apparently has not lost his religion.

    “I wanna stay prayed up, stay spiritual, and I kinda drifted away from that and became just a product of my environment and the world,” he confessed. “The message for me is, ‘Apollo, go sit down. Get back in the Word. Get spiritually rooted; become more foundated and then come out and rock the world.’”

    Watch Apollo below.

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