Did Lil Mo fake a sex scandal?

    Lil Mo

    Was Lil Mo trying to teach people a lesson by faking a sex scandal with her boyfriend?

    There are new rumors flying around that Lil Mo’s boyfriend, Karl Dargan, tried to proposition a woman on social media. According to The Shade Room, a woman who identifies herself only as “ChiChe” claims that Karl (aka Dynamite) tried to hook up with her.

    But could the whole thing have been a hoax? The “R&B Divas: LA” star didn’t exactly deny that Dynamite sent the message.”As soon as he saw me follow back he hopped in my DM’s” she claims. “Well come to find out he is LIL MO (THELILMOSHOW) husband,” she wrote. At first I was going keep it to myself until he texted me.”

    She added, “I wasn’t cool with he asked me if I mind letting a ‘a guy to watch us.'”

    Lil Mo didn’t exactly deny that Karl may have sent the salacious message, but it appears that the situation may have been a setup. UrbanBelleMag.com reports that the singer put a video on her Instagram page and quickly took it down. That was still more than enough time for her followers to take down a quite.

    “Why she tell though?” Lil Mo reportedly questioned. “She wasn’t supposed to tell for like a couple of weeks because we’re showing y’all how you can literally lure people for publicity. You fall for it.”

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