VIDEO: Cameras go behind the scenes of Whitney Houston biopic


    YaYa DaCosta is reliving huge moments of Whitney Houston’s life in behind-the-scenes footage from the diva’s biopic!

    You’ve seen pictures of YaYa posing as Whitney, and you’ve even heard clips of Deborah Cox covering her songs. However, “Entertainment Tonight” delivered video from the set last night as “ET” correspondents spoke with director Angela Bassett.

    The production has been met with a lot of criticism: The Houstons aren’t happy that the movie will be on TV. Bobbi Kristina’s was disappointed that she didn’t get the lead role. Some fans don’t believe that YaYa is a good fit for the role.

    As the director, though, Angela isn’t letting any of the negativity get to her. “I respect anyone’s feelings and truths, so I can understand it. She adores her mother,” she told “ET” on Tuesday. “With every great opportunity there is criticism, so, you know, you learn to expect that. What you don’t need is to go out looking for naysayers.”

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