Jennifer Williams shoots down Evelyn Lozada


    Jennifer Williams is not interested in patching things up with her ex-BFF Evelyn Lozada.

    The friendship between Jenn and Evelyn was almost as bad as her ongoing divorce from Eric Williams. Things began to unravel when Jennifer made a catty comment about Evelyn’s ex Chad Johnson. It set Evelyn off, and her bond with Jennifer began to crumble at that moment. It eventually deteriorated to a point where Evelyn’s assistant even slapped Jennifer.

    The former “Basketball Wives” star found out that Evelyn was thinking about trying to make amends with her, and Jenn wasn’t terribly moved by the news.

    Days before she tweeted the following message about letting people go when their time in your life is up

    Evelyn, who is thoroughly enjoying time with her new son, seems completely unbothered by getting the brush off from Jennifer. Although she had hoped to mend fences, Evelyn accepted that Jenn is no longer interested in her friendship. She did have a few words of advice for her old co-star, though.

    She tweeted, “Holding grudges and being angry is not worth it. Tomorrow is never promised. Thankful for all of my blessings, family, and friends.”

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