Shirley Strawberry sacrificed motherhood for career?

    It’s not uncommon for ambitious individuals to sacrifice some more traditional aspects of adult life for their careers, and Shirley Strawberry is a prime example of that.

    The “Steve Harvey Morning Show” co-host shared with Sister 2 Sister that she allowed her mother to raise her daughter, so that she could pursue her dreams.

    While some women may think it selfish or an instance of misplaced priorities, Shirley told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown that it was the right decision for her and her daughter, who is now 17.

    Read more from Shirley in the August 2014 issue and get a preview now.


    Jamie: Oh my god, how do you manage [social media supervision] with [your daughter]?
    Shirley: Well, my daughter doesn’t live with me and she never really has. My mom raised her because with my job it’s just really hard.  We traveled so much.  During the time she was born—I don’t know if you remember this, Jamie, because you are so very, very young and beautiful, but the au pair story was going on. It was big in news: The babysitter that shook the kid and killed the kid, and that just freaked me out. I was a new mom, didn’t know what I was doing having a baby, and then to have a baby and not be able to get proper childcare, it really scared me at the time. So my mom said, “Listen, you go back to work. I’ll take the baby. I’ll help you take care of the baby.”  So I said, “Okay.’ It was a deal. It was guilt. Of course I had mom guilt.

    Jamie: You felt guilty, mm-hmm.
    Shirley: Yeah, but I made the sacrifice to do what was best at the time for my daughter. She has grown up to be a lovely kid.

    cover_August2014Shirley talks about Steve, her book, weight loss and more in the August Q&A.

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