Tiny Harris denies affair with Floyd Mayweather

    TwitPics_Tiny_61914Tiny Harris had to do a double take after listening to a recent press conference at which Floyd Mayweather addressed his beef with T.I.

    “I went back to it because first of all, that is so untrue,” Tiny told “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about reports that Floyd admitted having an affair with her. “I just could not imagine him saying, ‘Oh yeah, I did that.’ I had to go back, put my ear buds on, so I could really, really hear and when he says it, he said, ‘He thought,’ but when he says it, his mouth is kinda turned to the side…but his mouth is moving. He said, ‘He thought.’ He didn’t really say that for real, for real.”

    There’s been tension between T.I. and Floyd since photos of Floyd and Tiny in Vegas hit the Web. There was even a violent confrontation between the fellas as a result, but Tiny assured her fans that she’s never even been alone with the boxer, much less engaged in an affair.

    “He has never been in a room with me by himself,” she explained. “Anytime he’s been around me, there’s been people like this.”

    Though it seemed like Tiny and Floyd’s friendship might be over after she supposedly snubbed him on the BET Awards red carpet, she told the radio audience that she didn’t intentionally diss her friend.

    “To be honest, I didn’t hear him. I was doing an interview and I had my PR in my ear. Anybody who knows me…I cannot do too many things at one time. I didn’t hear him calling me, but I think that he…was trying to just say, ‘What’s up?’ I didn’t know he was reaching,” she said.

    For a while there, it seemed like the rumors—in addition to those flying around about T.I.’s alleged infidelity—might tear the “Family Hustle” couple apart, but Tiny said she and Tip are still together.

    “We’re working at it. We’re working on it,” she said. “It’s one day at a time. We just got a lot of love for each other.”

    Tiny talks about her new track and addresses Floyd referring to her as a b*tc#. Listen.


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