Trinidad James talks new music, haters and giving back

    Trinidad_JamesWhat’s up with Trinidad James?  Since the meteoric rise of All Gold Everything, he has struggled to produce a strong follow-up.  His second mix tape 10 Piece Mild barely broke the music charts and the “King of Ratchet” has a lot of pressure on him to firmly establish himself in the rap game and counter charges that he is a one hit wonder. Before he left to tour Japan with Dorrough and DJ Lead, Trinidad was in the studio and gave S2S an exclusive look at what’s happening.

    “This album could be the most diverse album that will come out from a hip-hop artist this year. It’s a lot of different sounds but it’s still me.  It incorporates hip hop, reggae, rock, soca music, EDM, the west coast and the down south hip hop sound,” he said.

    Future collaborates on the album which is partially produced by Andre 3000 and Dallas Austin who is known for his pop and R&B hits with artists ranging from Madonna to Aretha Franklin. “Dallas is a scholar of music. I didn’t go to school or have any musical background and it allows him to teach me,” said Trinidad whose government name is Nicholas Williams.

    There are reports from insiders that a top Black rock artist is also producing. Lenny Kravitz perhaps?

    Trinidad’s ride to success was rapid. Born in Trinidad, he decided to try his hand at rapping when he was a manager at a street wear boutique in the ATL.  That was less than 3 years ago.  His All Gold Everything was fire and blew up in late 2012. He was signed to Def Jam for $2 million. The song also drew shade from artists like J. Cole and Joe Budden, and James created more controversy when he said the “South (rap) runs New York.” As for sidestepping the beef this time James said, “I just don’t care. It’s not even beef cuz I don’t know them. Just to be talkin’ over social network is the least I think about when I wake up in the morning. If they don’t want to work with me then I don’t want to work with you.”

    What’s less known about Trinidad is his strong belief in giving back. “I’ve had nothing before so I know what it’s like to be going through it,” James told  S2S. He paid the tuition for a student to finish college who hit him up on twitter and he sponsors a local high school basketball team.

    Trinidad is also one of the most influential sneaker heads in the rap game. He once camped out 5 days to get a pair of kicks. “I brought a chair and the willpower to be out in the cold. Just like in music it’s about patience, timing and determination,“ he said.

    And yes he does have a pair that is all gold.  Oh and for the ladies, James is not boo’d up but “single as a hash brown,’ he said.

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