Common appreciates when ‘females give love’

    Common2.jpgFans have loved Common’s music for years and he’s a pretty good actor, too! Why wouldn’t women act crazy when they see him in person?

    “It’s a lot, but I’m a man. I like women. No complaints when females give love,” he told Essence at the Essence Music Festival.

    It’s not just his talent that women appreciate. Common is easy on the eyes, and he’s an intellectual brother with a bit of gentlemanly street swag, too.

    With a successful career that has stood the test of time, it wouldn’t be hard to understand if Common were a tad arrogant, but he’s not the type to just monopolize a date with conversation about himself or his music.

    When Common is on a date, he doesn’t care to play his music unless he wants his date to hear a new song he’s working on. He would rather play a few of his favorite artists.

    “I like De’Angelo. I like Frank Ocean’s music. I love jazz music and soul music,” he said.

    While he might try to give her ears a treat, that’s not the only body part Common focuses on. He explained what the absolute sexiest part of a woman’s body is.

    “For me, it would have to be her eyes. It’s something in them eyes that says so much,” he said.

    Watch Common below.


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