Rihanna’s stalker arrested


    Rihanna’s world is a little safer now that the NYPD has locked up a persistent stalker.

    Fans have been wondering what has been going on in RiRi’s world since she got back from the World Cup, and it seems that she’s been getting harassed! TMZ.com reports that Kevin Mcglynn was arrested this weekend after stalking Rihanna’s home.

    Kevin is a homeless man who claims that Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Rihanna “stole his style.” He was finally arrested in New York after being caught on surveillance cameras, and dropping his benefits card in Rihanna’s apartment building.

    The stalker had shown up to her apartment twice July 8 and again on July 11 to deliver threatening letters and call her out of her name. Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any creepier, he also mailed some threatening letters to her house back in California.

    Kevin is now being held without any bail. He has a history of trespassing, so he could be staying behind those bars for a while.

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