Keyshia Cole: ‘Men need to stop cheating’

    Keyshia_ColeAfter being cheated on by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Keyshia Cole said the next man she falls in love with will be a guy who’s also her best friend.

    “It has to be friendship. It has to be best friends. Whoever the guy is that I’m going to end up with forever, I want him to be my best friend,” said Keyshia who used Jay-Z and Beyoncé and T.I. and Tiny as examples of couples who seem to have that dynamic.

    “I think that ultimately matters and that’s really what I pray for and what I want now,” she said.

    Keyshia seemingly thought she’d found “the one” with Daniel. Even though he cheated on her before they got married, she thought he would change his ways once the vows were exchanged.

    “It has to stop after [the third time],” she told Power 105.1 hosts DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. “You’re not learning and I don’t think you want to.”

    Though Daniel has expressed remorse for his behavior, Keyshia said it’s too little, too late.

    “If you really feel like that in your heart, in your soul as a person, as a man, as a father, I know people make mistakes, but you gotta think about those kind of things because ultimately, it’s not worth it,” said Keyshia who hasn’t started dating again.

    “I would like to date,” shared Keyshia who’s going to focus more on inner beauty the next time. “No cuties. I don’t want any cuties…I wouldn’t like an ugly guy, but I don’t want a cutie.”

    Despite her broken heart, Keyshia said she hasn’t given up on love and she refuses to believe that all men cheat. However, she has some advice for those who do.

    “Men need to stop cheating, chile, ‘cause it just hurts so bad. That’s what causes you to get your mouth almost smacked off, especially if you do it more than once, twice…” she said when asking about the recent domestic violence comments made by commentator Stephen A. Smith. “Now, I’m just not gonna say nothing. I’m just gonna smack the dog crap outta you.”

    Keyshia talks more about motherhood, reality TV, new music and more below. Watch.

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