Antoine Walker: Evelyn Lozada left when money got tight

    Evelyn_AntoineBaller Antoine Walker said he gave a lot to ex-fiancée Evelyn Lozada, but when his money started to run out, he said she followed it.

    “She left when the things started to hit the fan,” Antoine recently told “The Russ Parr Morning Show.”

    Fans of “Basketball Wives” likely remember that Evelyn had already ended her relationship with Antoine when she joined the show its first season. It was that relationship that seemingly validated her involvement with the series, which supposedly focuses on the lives of NBA wives.

    Antoine, who was once worth $110 million, explained that the two had a long engagement because of unresolved personal issues, but he implied those weren’t the reasons the romance failed. According to Antoine, things ended once his money began to run out.

    “My thing with Evelyn is that she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth and when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction,” said Antoine. “That’s the problem that I have with Evelyn.”

    Since their breakup, Evelyn has been engaged and married twice to two different athletes.

    “It’s tough when you take care of people; you make sure they’re good, their family, their daughter and then they just go left field on you,” he said.

    Evelyn didn’t directly address Antoine’s comments, but she tweeted a message that may have been her response.

    Listen to Antoine below.


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