Fredro Starr goes off on Charlamagne Tha God over Brandy

fredroRapper/actor Fredro Starr, of the ‘90s sitcom “Moesha” and rap group Onyx, let it be known that he was offended by Charlamagne Tha God during a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

Sticky Fingaz and Fredro stopped by to discuss their new projects, but the duo was asked about past comments Fredro made about his former co-star Brandy.

A few years ago during an interview, Fredro made disparaging remarks about Brandy when asked if the two had ever been physically intimate.

“I never f***ed her. Her head was good, though,” Fredro said back then. “Head was crazy. I never hit it, though. When I was trying to hit it, she was f***ing with Wanye [Morris].”

Apparently, Fredro would have preferred to keep the past in the past. The rapper became visibly agitated and began throwing expletives around when Charlamagne brought up the Brandy situation. Fredro got defensive and decided to continuously bring up the incident of Charlamagne Tha God being punched in the eye.

The awkward tension between the two did die down and they went on to talk about music and the industry.

Watch the interviews below.

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