Benzino: Joseline’s abusing Stevie J


    Benzino said the fighting you see between Stevie J and Joseline on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is nothing compared to what goes on when cameras stop rolling!

    Could Stevie be a battered spouse? Black Twitter often makes fun of Stevie for his signature rat face expression, and sounding like a pimp. It’s all fun and games to viewers, but Benzino claims that things aren’t all good with Stevie and Joseline.

    While Benzino and Stevie are no longer on good terms, the Hip Hop Weekly publisher told Vlad TV that he and Stevie have always had their spats. “There’s always been back and forth, and it’s always pretty much over her,” said Benzino.

    It became hard for Zino to see his good friend getting caught up in the middle of ongoing domestic violence. He pointed out that “LHHATL” fans have been seeing Josline put them paws on Stevie since the show first aired on VH1. “When you see Stevie and Joseline episodes from season one, it’s just always about her disrespecting him whether it’s her punching on him,” Benzino claimed, adding one incident where Joseline got particularly brutal. “I think she ripped his ear off where he had to get stitches. There’s pictures of him being abused by her.”

    Earlier this summer, someone hacked into Joseline’s Twitter to post messages and pictures to make it appear as though Stevie has been beating her.”The real truth is it’s the other way around. She abuses him,” said Benzino, who said he couldn’t see allowing himself to be in a similar situation. “She just disrespects him. To me there’s no money in the world that I could take that disrespect.”

    He added, “Just on ‘[‘LHHATL’] you’ve just seen a small part of the abuse that he takes from her.”

    Things have gotten far worse between Stevie and Joseline than the public even realizes because one of their altercations could have turned deadly. “We’ve heard stories of her pulling guns on him and all kind of stuff. Hitting him in the head with a red bottom while he was sleeping. I mean he’s taking abuse from her,” said Benzino. “I didn’t see it. This is what he was saying. One time it was a shotgun around and she pulled it out, pointed it at him and it was no bullets in it….supposedly. She’s nuts. The girl is crazy.”

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