Mariah Huq blends cultures, religions in modern marriage

    Mariah_HuqInterracial dating is still taboo in some circles but “Married to Medicine” star Mariah Huq hopes her relationship with her Bangladeshi husband will help change that.

    “Having a multicultural family is important for me. You can have the best of both worlds. I’m proud of exposing people to our family and our lifestyle, how we’ve forged it together,” she said. “You can create your own culture, exposing people to other ways of life. That’s really big for me.”

    Mariah encouraged single Black women to venture out and don’t limit themselves to only dating African-American men.

    “Be open and opening minded. Think outside the box and love who loves you,” said Mariah, who told Sister 2 Sister that her husband was already knowledgeable about African-American culture before she met him.

    “He’s a Black man in a Bangladeshi body,” she said. “He’s been around different cultures all his life. He was very much exposed to it.”

    Mariah hasn’t just been successful merging two cultures; she’s also merged two religions. Although her husband went to a Catholic schools, she said they practice Islam in their home.

    “We pretty much run a Muslim household pretty much. We have converged both of our holidays…same thing with food. We cook curry chicken and mac and cheese. We go to church sometimes; we go to the Mosque sometimes,” she said.

    cover_JuneJuly_marymaryMariah talks more about her and her husband’s similarities in the June/July Sister 2 Sister. If you missed it, don’t let that happen again. Subscribe now.






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