Remy Ma drops drops new music after prison release


    Remy Ma announced her return to the free world with a brand new single, “They Don’t Love You No More”!

    It’s like she never left!

    The “Conceited” rapper couldn’t wait to get back into the soundbooth upon her release from prison this weekend. Hours after she left the big house on Friday, she got right into the studio with DJ Khaled for a late night creative session.

    “I had a busy first day #ImAround” she wrote along with a picture of herself and Khaled at the soundboard. Remy had about six years to work on material while she was behind bars, which might explain the notebook she’s checking out in the shot below!


    On Saturday morning, she posted a quick preview of the track they were working on. The very next day, Khaled rolled out a remix of “They Don’t Love You No More” that featured Remy’s nasty return to the game! “I listened to your CDs damn you really wanna be me/Don’t care if your name buzzin you know who the queen bee,” she rhymed.

    “Some say she nice but Reminisce nicer/I can feel the tension, please don’t hype her” she continued, “Tell her stay in her lane before I sideswipe her/Droppin that bird shit I’d hate to windshield wipe her.”

    Check out the rest of her track here!

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