Deitrick Haddon: Pastors must learn to agree to disagree

    Deitrick_HaddonThere were some tense moments between the men of “Preachers of L.A.” during season 1 and the reunion show, but Deitrick Haddon said the cast members are learning to agree to disagree.

    “I’m the type of guy that once I get it off my chest and get it out, we can go hang out and go play pool. We can go out to dinner. I can be fussing and be upset about something. An hour later, we can go chill. We can take a family vacation,” said Deitrick who bumped heads with co-stars Ron Gibson and Clarence McClendon.

    “Once I speak my piece, there’s no reason to be upset,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “I love all those guys: McClendon on down. I don’t agree with them on certain issues and it’s very clear that I don’t agree with certain issues. People have to learn how to disagree. You can state your position without disrespect.”

    Things have definitely gotten heated between the men, but Deitrick said there’s really no need in them arguing over Biblical interpretations since no one knows who’s right or wrong.

    “None of us will know until we cross over to the other side,” Deitrick reasoned. “Why would I have an argument or fuss forever on something that none of us really, really know?”

    According to Deitrick, there are several reasons preachers might not interpret scriptures the same way and that explains the several different denominations that fall under the umbrella of Christianity.
    Although it might be confusing for new Christians to hear conflicting interpretations of the Word, Deitrick advised that would-be congregants attend church where they’re comfortable. That’s preferable to name-calling and condescending those who may have different views, he said.

    “You have to go according to your faith and what you believe,” he said. “If you don’t like what I’m saying, you can go to the church up the street if you don’t like what I’m saying, but don’t demonize me because I’m not saying what you’re saying. Don’t call what I’m saying heresy. We’re actually saying the same thing. It’s crazy.”

    See a preview of “Preachers of L.A.” season 2, coming August 20 on Oxygen.

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