Dr. Simone Whitmore offers bedroom advice

    Simone_WhitmoreDr. Simone Whitmore knows a thing or two about how bodies work, but the “Married to Medicine” star shared that there’s a limit to how much she’d do to please her man.

    Season 2 viewers may remember that Simone told her co-stars that she doesn’t often go low when it comes to intimacy with her man. While some might consider that a recipe for marital disaster, Simone said every husband and wife must decide what’s best for them.

    “The thing is, we are all different, and I’ve been married for 18 years. I love my husband; he still loves me,” she told Sister 2 Sister in July. “It’s important for women to know, whatever it is you feel comfortable with doing in the bedroom with your husband or not doing, it is okay. It is. It’s okay.”

    While some women may disagree with Simone, believing that if a wife doesn’t do everything in the bedroom to please her man, he might stray, Simone said even if a woman does it all, that doesn’t guarantee faithfulness.

    “The reality is, divorce is 50 percent in this country, and I know that there are women who are giving it to him uptown, downtown, sideways, flip it up, rub it, oh no, whose husbands or partners are still cheating on them,” said Simone who advised women to love themselves rather than worry about physically pleasing a man.

    “The most important message that I would tell any woman is look at you, work on you, love you and demand that he love you like you want to be loved and you can’t worry about the rest,” she said. “No matter what you’re doing, even if you think you’re doing it all, there is another woman out there who’s willing to do more than you.”

    Do you agree or disagree with Simone? Should a woman try to physically please her man even if what he wants may make her uncomfortable? Leave your comments below.

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