T-Boz credits Pebbles for group’s fame

    TBozIn the VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, it seemed like TLC’s members had little good to say about their former manager Pebbles, but T-Boz recently acknowledged that there would be no TLC without Pebbles.

    “If it wasn’t for Pebbles, nobody would know who I was. She did help put us here. She did help put TLC on the map. I don’t take away the credit,” T-Boz told the Rickey Smiley radio crew. “There are some good things that she did do as far as helping groom me into the artist that I was.”

    According to T-Boz, one of the things Pebbles instilled in the group is how to be successful in the music biz, and she’s paying those lessons forward with Project Next.

    T-Boz is in search of the next girl super group, she said. She’ll be teaching her newbies what Pebbles taught her.

    “I think what’s missing today that we used to have is artist development. Here, we want to take it back to the old school days, like how they used to do at Motown,” T-Boz explained.

    Though T-Boz is looking for the next great girl group, that’s not to suggest she and TLC buddy Chilli are ready to retire.

    “Next year we’re doing a world tour in America,” she said. “We’re working all the way through December of 2015.”

    Listen to Pebbles below.

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